You can use the 'Third Teacher' book to create learning and teaching environments, which will initiate transformation, and help you produce new ideas.

Mostly the relationship between physical environments and the skills, knowledge, understanding and joy, which students acqiure at schools, is not taken into consideration. However, where and how we learn is extremely important. “The Third Teacher” book is a precious source for people and institutions devoting themselves to make innovation in learning environments and believing in physical environment as one of the essential component of learning. The book explains the 79 ideas related to the learning environment such as lightening, layout of the classroom, nutrition, use of garden, education methods, participation of parents and graduates. The Vehbi Koç Foundation translated the book into Turkish in order to enable Turkish readers to access to this valuable source.

Third Teacher

Find out about the real stories of the schools that utilized design to create transformation and take your first step!

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Model School Guide

Get inspired by the Model School project, which was structured by the philosophy of “The Third Teacher” book…

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