Beykoz Koç Middle School

Beykoz Koç Middle School is the 18th school, which was donated by VKV to MEB through the “Build, Transfer , Maintain” principle. Beykoz Koç Middle School differs from the 17 donation schools as it was built as a “model school” that it presents new physical environment and educational approach that pushes the boundaries of the traditional schooling system. In 2016, the protocol started the creation process of the Beykoz Koç Middle School. Located in Istanbul, Ziya Ünsel Middle School was rebuilt and renamed Beykoz Koç Middle School and handed over to the Ministry of Education on 17 December 2019. With 520-student capacity, the school aims to incorporate the physical with the social environments so that students establish dynamic relationships with each other as well as with surroundings that respond to their 21st-century needs. Several individuals and organizations provide support to Beykoz Koç School’s sustainability for its physical, academic and cultural needs.

Beykoz Koç Middle School’s Social Environment

  •   Vehbi Koç Foundation project team has been organizing workshops for teachers and the school administration since 2014 on such topics as communication, teamwork, communication with adolescents, first aid, as well as project-based learning and orientation. The output of the 14 workshops was decisive in the schools creation process.
  •  The School Board consisting of elected students, teachers, parents, members of the school administration and representatives from VKV decide to execute the school. Also, it enables the representation and communication of diverse stakeholders of the school.
  •  Parent-Teacher Association enables the participation of the parents in topics such as students security, eating order, hygiene. Members inform all of the parents on the school’s latest developments. In addition, it communicates with localities in Beykoz district for the future collaborations.

Beykoz Koç Middle School’s Physical Environment

  •  enclosed area of 11,320 square meters, a 5,500 square meter garden and 2,400 square meter outdoor sports area
  •  238 people - cafeteria with collapsible tables serve to transform the space into an activity area.
  •  31 classrooms designed especially for the needs of different branches, which include also special laboratories and ateliers
  •  6 teachers’ rooms, 10 administrative offices and a Parent-Teacher Association room.
  •  library with 46 seats
  •  30 interactive boards to support lessons with strong visual aids, help students to better concentrate in class
  •  35 laptop computers and 6 printers
  •  a sports hall with a large range of sports equipment
  •  a multi-purpose hall or dance, drama, gymnastics and folklore, and a small amphitheater
  •  a music studio with 2 pianos and various musical instruments
  •  a 163-person conference room
  •  several recycle waste collection points both indoors and outdoors to help reduce plastic waste
  •  10 distilled water fountains both indoors and outdoors
  •  a wall, on which the sponsors names are written in the form of a crossword puzzle
  •  a shelter to be used in necessary circumstances